While out shopping on Black Friday, 72% of shoppers stop at a restaurant. The restaurant industry is competitive on an average day, but marketing is a must on a shopping day of this scale.

If you want to satisfy your craving for more customers, cooking up some special promotions for Black Friday is sure to draw in a crowd. Keep reading for some last-minute ideas for Black Friday restaurant promotions.

Create a Special Menu

Black Friday is a competitive time for businesses. So creating a special menu with trending foods can be the hook you need to lure in customers and stand out among the pack.

Get creative with it! Give the items on your special menu interesting names and share photos of the special menu items to generate a buzz.

Offer Free Food

Some of the best Black Friday Deals small businesses offer entices customers with the offer of something free. This marketing technique works well in the restaurant industry and brings in new customers.

Offering a free appetizer or dessert with purchase on Black Friday will draw shoppers to your restaurant. Share the news of your free offer on social media, signage, and in Black Friday sales copy.

Partner With Other Local Shops

On Black Friday, people like to shop until they drop. Partnering up with a local retailer can provide mutual benefits and draw in more traffic.

Seek fellow business owners to team up with during the holiday. For example, offer customers a discount on their orders if they show a receipt from another business and vice versa.

Extend Promotions Through Cyber Monday

Black Friday flash sales bring in sales because of the illusion of urgency to customers. If you want to keep, the sales rolling in, consider running Cyber Monday promotions.

Even restaurants can take advantage of this modern shopping day by offering gift card promotions online. In addition, special coupons for online ordering are another great way to take part in Cyber Monday.

Have a Prize Drawing or Giveaway

Creating a prize raffle is a great way to gain some steam for your business. Put together a basket, create a certificate for a date night, do a gift card giveaway, or even free meals for a year.

Giving things away may seem counterproductive, but giveaways receive a lot of traffic on social media due to shares and comments. In addition, humans love the idea of winning something and are sure to join in on the fun.

Tips for Promotions

  • Be vague about sales specifics in early announcements
  • Generate a buzz
  • Encourage engagement
  • Work on Black Friday marketing timeline early
  • Make customers feel rewarded
  • Stand out among the crowd

Start Planning Black Friday Restaurant Promotions

There are plenty of good ideas for Black Friday Sales to get you started on planning your promotions. With the proper marketing techniques, your restaurant is sure to have a successful day!

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